• Black Body, Blue Note, Rosetta 2019, Vanguard
    Repertory Company, 2019, Atlanta
  • We The Village, Reading, Horizon Theatre,
    2018, Atlanta
  • Spare Change, Reading, MoJo Fest, Elm Street
    Cultural Arts Village, 2018, Woodstock, Ga
  • Spare Change, Blue Pearl Theatrics, Playroom
    Theater, 2018, New York
  • Ms. Frankie Lee, Fade to Black Play Festival,
    MATCH, 2018,  Houston
  • Looter, Fade to Black Play Festival, Queensbury
    Theatre, 2017, Houston
  • Secret Life in a Sacred House, Reader's
    Theatre Series of New Works, NBTF, 2015,
    Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Secret Life in a Sacred House, New Life
    Productions, 2015, Columbia, S.C.
  • Colored in Winter, Fade to Black Play Festival,
    Queensbury Theatre, 2015, Houston
  • The Costume Waver, Fade to Black Play
    Festival, Obsidian Theater, 2014, Houston
  • ID, NAACP Theatre Festival of Ten-Minute
    Plays, 2012, Los Angeles
  • Kinsman Redeemer, Coleman & Smith Artistic
    Company, 2006, Los Angeles
  • Braxton Place, LAWTF Workshop Showcase,
    Fountain Theatre, 2005, Los Angeles


In 2017, Solomon's Porch, was a semi-finalist in the
Nashville Film Festival's Screenwriting Competition.  In
Solomon's Porch was selected to be read in the
SAG-AFTRA Atlanta Indie Screenwriter Showcase at
the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community

In 2013, Dana's short screenplay,
ID, adapted from her
play with the same title, was selected to be used as
part of the curriculum in the Stage and Screenwriting
course at Long Beach City College.


Dana's work has appeared in the African American
,  Rogue Agent Journal, as well as anthologies
and literary magazines like
 Marked By Scorn:  An
Anthology of Non-traditional Relationships
, Hot
Summer Nights
, Beyond Words, and Blackberry:  A
.   She has also been a contributing writer for since 2012.

In 2010, she served as an associate editor and
contributing writer for
Beyond Words:  The Creative
Voices of WriteGirl,
a literary anthology published by
WriteGirl.  WriteGirl is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit
organization dedicated to developing the writing skills
of  teenage girls seeking creative self-expression.
2014 © Copyright. Dana Stringer.  All Rights Reserved.
DANA L. STRINGER is a writer, playwright, poet,
screenwriter, and writing instructor.  Her work is
primarily concerned with themes of identity—racial,
sexual, gender, religious, and social.  She seeks to
explore, challenge, and debunk negative stereotypes,
myths, and belief systems that reinforce prejudice,
bigotry, inequality, and injustice.   She is committed to
bridging gaps by creating work that fosters empathy,
understanding, and compassion for 'other'.  She
believes that the performing arts, the literary arts, and
the cinematic arts are the most effective platforms for
promoting understanding.

Dana's body of work has garnered a reputation for
tackling some of the most controversial and critical
issues confronting us today.  Her overall mission is to
nurture ongoing dialogue between communities that
have historically clashed, as well as to educate,
inspire, enlighten, and empower others through the

Dana is a member of
The Dramatists Guild of America
and Atlanta-based Working Title Playwrights. She has
participated in playwriting workshops at the
Theatre  Playwright's Lab
in Los Angeles as well as
Page to Stage playwriting workshop with the Los
Angeles Women's Theatre Festival.

In the past, she has served as a member on the
board of directors for the Cultural Alliance of Long
Beach in Long Beach, California.

She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
from Antioch University Los Angeles and a Bachelors
of Arts from Morehead State University.  Dana is
currently an instructional facilitator and poetry
instructor in the
Inspiration to Publication Program at
Antioch University Los Angeles.  
Photo by Kim Roseberry