Adapt Your Poem(s) for Stage:
     Transforming Poetry into
     February 10 – February 24, 2020             
     2-Week Online Adaptation Course
     Antioch University O
nline, i2p Program




Making Poems:  Turning Your Thoughts, Memories,
     and Life Experiences into Poetry
     Dates: TBD                 
4-Week Online Poetry Writing Course
     Antioch University
Online, i2p Program





Course Description
There are numerous approaches to poetry writing,
and in this exciting 4-Week introductory course,
designed for writers who are new to the poetry genre,
students will learn the essential nuts and bolts of
poetry writing in a safe and supportive online
environment. The course will primarily focus on free
verse poetry and introduce the use of specific poetic
devices to help craft effective poems. Students will
write poems prompted by writing exercises, provide
peer feedback, read selected poems from
contemporary poets, and participate in online
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Course Description
In this two week exploratory course, students will learn
basic elements of drama, ways to identify dramatic
elements within poems, and approaches to adapting
poetry text into performative text