In her debut chapbook, Dana L. Stringer has
composed a collection of poems that boldly navigate
the sacred territory of a complex church, as well as
disillusionment, ambivalence and doubt that calls into
question the formation and exercise of beliefs and

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  • AJC Decatur Book Festival presented by
    Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Women in Poetry, AFPLS, Buckhead Library,
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Loudspeaker Open Mic Series, Atlanta,

  • The World Stage, Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Antioch University's Literary Uprising, Culver
    City, Calif.

  • Long Beach Job Corps, Long Beach, Calif.

  • Downtown Magnets High School, Los
    Angeles, Calif.

  • Monologue Espresso, Long Beach, Calif.

  • Poetry & Jazz, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Soul Lounge, Louisville, Kentucky
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